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Bearing Repair Process

July 27, 2016

Electric generation companies make their money when it is hot outside. Consequently, they keep their machines running or available in the summer. Maintenance usually happens in the spring or fall…when the temperature is moderate.

Consequently, we have had some time at TRI to work on our web site. We undertook a big job to redesign it with a layout that will work devices of all size. We want it to look good on your desktop as well as your smart phone.

Our initial job is complete, but now we are adding more content for our customers.

Our latest addition is the Bearing Repair page. This page does more then just tell potential customers that TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. repairs bearings. It is a bullet list of the steps bearings get when they come in the door. The list has been published so our customers understand what goes into a bearing repair.

When a bearing is sent to TRI during the summer, it usually means a machine is in an unscheduled outage. Unscheduled outages are expensive so it is critical that the repairs be done ASAP. When TRI goes to an expedited schedule, we work on the bearing repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s important to us that the customer knows exactly what we are doing and how far along we are in the process.


Combined Journal and Thrust Bearing Solve End Loading Failures

September 24, 2010

One of the principal failure modes of Babbitt bearings is end loading. This occurs for several reasons:

  1. Journals are tapered when hot and in service, and when they trip out and run down, the tapered journal rubs against a bearing that was set for non-tapered journal, and wears the end of the bearing, often wiping the Babbitt.
  2. When sliding pedestals or standards slide and twist instead of sliding straight, or tilt due to broken grout, the bearings are no longer aligned to the journals, and the bearings wear or wipe, depending upon severity.

TRI provided a “Turnkey” Solution to this Problem.

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