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When shafts rub

July 12, 2017

It is undesirable to have a shaft to rub metal to metal with another machine components…but it happens. When it does, the question often asked is “Can the shaft be fixed?” It is easy enough to bring in an service that does field machining to fix the surface of the shaft, but the heat caused by a rub alters the shaft steel much like the heat affected zone that occurs during welding.

This video explains what happens with crystalline structures in steel when exposed to intense heat.

Below is a photo for a part that rubbed. Over 0.1″ has already been machined away and you can see the hard spot that still remains.Vaneplate-hardspot



Common Problems of Extension Shafts, Oil Pumps and Steady Rest Bearings

October 26, 2010

The extension shafts of Westinghouse large steam turbine-generators are used to drive main oil pumps, support a thrust bearing, hold a mechanical overspeed bolt, and/or to power a fluid drive and boiler feed pump. The design and maintenance of these extension shafts have been the sources of many problems over the years. TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp. has designed and installed proven solutions to these problems…read more

A steady rest bearing

New TRI Extension Shaft and Steady Rest Bearing for Westinghouse Steam Turbine-Generators