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Size 212 Fluid Drive

May 12, 2020

TRI has just finished a fluid drive refurbishment. Two size 212 Fluid Drives originally built by American Standard were disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Some of the original parts were repaired and some where replaced.

Fluid Drive Size 212


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New Brake Installation

October 20, 2011

TRI has just completed the installation of a fluid drive brake. This system is similar to previous system that we have installed with the exception of larger calipers.

Industrial hydraulic brake for fluid drives

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Fluid Drive Brake Systems

November 22, 2010

The Purpose For The Brake System On A Fluid Drive

by Turbo Research Inc.

There is only one purpose for having a brake on the output shaft of a fluid drive; to aid in the operation of the boiler feed pump by stopping the boiler feed pump shaft and to keep it from rotating when the pump is out of service.

There are certain boiler feed pumps which are designed and built in ways that will cause them to gall and consequently to seize if they rotate for more than a few seconds or a few minutes at low speed with no or low flow through them. Typically, these pumps have stainless steel components that can rub together. They are often the higher performance, higher pressure pumps, but this is not always the case.

There usually is sufficient experience with each boiler feed pump over the years to know if that pump has or has not seized when it was at low speed during those times when a) the pump was out of service and simultaneously, b) the brake is imperative.

For those boiler feed pumps which have not seized when they were operated at low speed for several hours, or for which the manufacturer indicates that no problem will arise by operating at low speed with low/no flow, the brake is not required, and there is no value in using it.

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