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Hydrogen Cooled Generator Upgrades

August 29, 2018

The first hydrogen cooled generator was put into service by GE in 1937. Many of the design features of those early generators still persist today. TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. has successfully implemented many upgrades to these old generators.

I was invited to present the benefits of generator upgrades at the most recent EPRI User’s Group meeting in Baltimore. The video here discusses the key points of that presentation.

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Flush Cock Valves

August 25, 2017

A video explaining the advantage of flush cock valves manufactured by TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. has been published to YouTube.


Flush Cock Valves

April 27, 2017

Flush cock valves are used for situations where it is absolutely critical that a valve that can shut off the lube oil flow cannot be operated when the lube oil system is pressurized and in service.


TRI Manufactures flush cock valves for turbine generator lube oil systems. These valves can block or divert oil, but the are specifically designed not be operable while the system is under pressure.

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Lift Oil Pumping System

March 21, 2016

TRI has recently completed a pair of lift oil pumping skids. They will produce 5 gallons per minute at 3000 p.s.i. The system will reduce the wear on bearings when the unit is on turning gear. The lift oil will also reduce the load on the turning gear and turning motor.



New Generator Fans

December 23, 2014

We just finished two generator fans on an expedited schedule. The fan below has a twin. These fans were milled from forgings. They spent seven days on two CNC horizontal mills. After the blades were machined, they got a final bore, polishing and were balanced to 40 g-in at 600 RPM. Production time from the receipt of the material was just under two weeks.

TRI Heavy Duty Generator Fan

TRI Heavy Duty Generator Fan



Emergency Lube Oil System

August 25, 2014

TRI just complete an emergency lube oil system that uses an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).  The UPS provides AC power to a lube oil pump. Because AC components are generally easier and cheaper to acquire,  the new system was cheaper, lead times were shortened and the AC technology simplifies any future replacement parts.

  • DC power supplies are quite common in the electric generation industry. There are several drawbacks to DC emergency lube oil systems:
  • Large banks of DC batteries have to be handled with a great deal of caution.
  • DC motors must be specially designed for speed stabilization.
  • Implementing DC switchgear often is problematic.
  • It is difficult today to find electrical suppliers who have any significant understanding of DC power systems.  It is difficult to get DC components that you need, even when you have exact specifications for equipment that was commonly available a few years ago.

TRI emergency lube oil systems are customized to our customers needs.

  • Pumps and AC drives that is already implemented at your site.
  • Components are sized for the lube oil requirements.
  • Piping and hardware can be customized for harsh environments

Call TRI at 800-363-8571 if you are looking to upgrade or install a new emergency lube oil system.


Floating Seal Ring Design

February 26, 2014

TRI Transmission & Bearing has released a floating seal ring design for public use. The Solidworks assembly and part files can be downloaded from

6" Floating seal ring assembly

6″ Floating Seal Ring