Past Tech Notes

September 1, 2016

Since 1994, Dr. Mel’s Tech Notes have been issued from time to time. The Tech Note has evolved.  Since 2004, they have been distributed through email.  Prior to email, the Tech Note as sent out by fax.  When we first started sending out Tech Notes, the scope and length of the information was limited by the fax technology.  Most Tech Notes were brief, one page summaries of our latest projects. Now the Tech Note is distributed via email and published on the TRI Web Site (http://www.turboresearch.com/); the length and scope of the Tech Notes are no longer hampered by the delivery method.   

Tech Notes have addressed many interesting topics, and according to the feedback that we have received, they have been widely appreciated for the guidance provided on a number of important, and occasionally, unusual subjects.

The Tech Note that was distributed at the end of June of this year was a comprehensive review of fixed bore bearings. It is 16 pages.  This could not have been achieved back in the facsimile days.  If you are interested to know why TRI prefers an elliptical bearing to a pressure dam bearing and you somehow missed the email, it has been published along with all of our previous Tech Notes on our web site.

This brings us to our latest announcement. We have revamped our web site. No longer is our web site accessed only from the desktop of engineers.  Nearly 25% of the visitors to our web site are using the smart phones, and more recently, we have seen an increase by visitors using tablets.  Our new website has been designed to be readable no matter the technology used to connect.

We have also joined the social media world.  TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. now has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/turboresearch) and Dr. Mel Giberson has been active on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/melbourne-giberson). Tech Notes are now being announced on these platforms when they become available.

Previous Tech Notes that are now available at www.turboresearch.com:

Dr. Mel anticipates writing a Tech Note to be published in the near future on upgraded hydrogen seal rings for GE generators, as well as how to upgrade a GE seal oil skid to improve performance and reliability of the entire hydrogen sealing system.

Upcoming Conferences and Exhibitions that TRI Plans to Attend:

TRI Plans to attend the upcoming 2016 Texas A&MU Turbomachinery Conference and Exhibition. It will be held in the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX, September 12 – 15. TRI representatives will be there to discuss how TRI’s engineering services and manufactured products can help to resolve various rotor vibration and bearing damage issues that customers experience. Additionally, TRI representatives can discuss other subjects of interest to you, our customer, including such items as the use of variable speed fluid drives for high power, high speed applications, particularly where very high reliability is required.

TRI also plans to have a booth at the next EPRI Turbine-Generator Users Conference and Exhibition, January 2017, to be held at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

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