Bearing Repair and Refurbishing

December 2, 2010

Here is a photo I snapped in the shop this morning. It is a TRI Transmission & Bearing pad that has been sent back for refurbishing. The surface is rough because the babbitt has been puddled. The next process will be machining the surface to the proper diameter.

Babbitt bearing repair - puddling


The puddling process is a manual operation that takes some time. You can see the babbitt is laid down in rows.  After machining the bore, porosity will be revealed.  More babbitt will be laid down to fill the voids and the machining will be repeated.


  1. dear Dr.Mel,

    we are repairing also babbitt bearing in Spain and from time to time we are soldering too.
    we have faced lot’s of porosities and there is nothing we can do to eliminate them.
    I have seen that pores tend to appear in old cast iron casing.
    is there any welding technique that reduces porosity.

    best regards

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