February 2015 Tech Note

February 10, 2015

TRI release a new Tech Note today. This month, Dr. Mel discusses fluid drive scoop tubes. Our experience has shown that these critical parts sometimes fail. Understanding the reason why they fail gave way to a better design for scoop tubes.

LINK: February 2015 Tech Note


New Generator Fans

December 23, 2014

We just finished two generator fans on an expedited schedule. The fan below has a twin. These fans were milled from forgings. They spent seven days on two CNC horizontal mills. After the blades were machined, they got a final bore, polishing and were balanced to 40 g-in at 600 RPM. Production time from the receipt of the material was just under two weeks.

TRI Heavy Duty Generator Fan

TRI Heavy Duty Generator Fan



Emergency Lube Oil System

August 25, 2014

TRI just complete an emergency lube oil system that uses an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).  The UPS provides AC power to a lube oil pump. Because AC components are generally easier and cheaper to acquire,  the new system was cheaper, lead times were shortened and the AC technology simplifies any future replacement parts.

  • DC power supplies are quite common in the electric generation industry. There are several drawbacks to DC emergency lube oil systems:
  • Large banks of DC batteries have to be handled with a great deal of caution.
  • DC motors must be specially designed for speed stabilization.
  • Implementing DC switchgear often is problematic.
  • It is difficult today to find electrical suppliers who have any significant understanding of DC power systems.  It is difficult to get DC components that you need, even when you have exact specifications for equipment that was commonly available a few years ago.

TRI emergency lube oil systems are customized to our customers needs.

  • Pumps and AC drives can be incorporated that are already implemented at the customer site. This reduces replacement parts and training.
  • Components are sized for the lube oil requirements. 
  • Piping and hardware can be customized for harsh environments. 

Call TRI at 800-363-8571 if you are looking to upgrade or install a new emergency lube oil system.


Fluid Drive Upgrades

May 14, 2014

Back in 2007, Dr. Mel created a presentation for fluid drive upgrades. This presentation explains how fluid drives are used specifically with boiler feed pumps. The operational history and the changes to the standard practices led to issues for which TRI has engineered solutions.






Controlling Oil Whirl with a Pressure Dam Bearing

March 28, 2014

In this video, we explain oil whirl and how a 2nd area of high pressure created by a pressure dam can tame the vibration caused by oil whirl.


Bearing Dovetail Grooves

March 25, 2014

Many bearing in the field use a dovetail bore design. TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. explains why the dovetail design leads to Babbitt wipes and bearing failures.


Floating Seal Ring Design

February 26, 2014

TRI Transmission & Bearing has released a floating seal ring design for public use. The Solidworks assembly and part files can be downloaded from Grabcad.com: https://grabcad.com/library/floating-seal-ring-6-to-24-1

6" Floating seal ring assembly

6″ Floating Seal Ring


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